The mobile geospatial data capture solution


Gathers all the features of a GPS, a camera and a notebook into a pocket size phone or tablet. Lighten up!


Works in all weather conditions and stores all data on a cloud server for extra protection!


Compatible with any GIS & custom base maps. Export your data in multiple formats. Use it on foot, in a car and even in helicopter!


Uses the latest technology in mobile mapping. We create new features every week!

Main Features

Bring technology with you in the field

  • Mobile GIS plateform

    Gathers all the features of a GIS software with complete geometry (point, lines and polygons)

  • Interactive forms

    Customize your own digital forms with many data elements including text, numbers, pictures and much more. Also comes with adjustable data validation.

  • Multiple medias

    Take a picture, record a video or draw a sketch and link it to your forms!

  • 100% functional offline

    No signal around? No problem! Enjoy the same features with or without connectivity (including offline base map layers).

  • Cloud server

    Provides a secure cloud server that saves all data and synchronizes it with all mobile devices

  • Projects management

    Keep your data organized by creating dedicated projects.


Applications of our Technology

The domains of application of Coral are numerous

  • Oil Spill Response

  • Geographic Response Plan

  • Biological & Ecological Surveys

  • Site Control Access

  • Network & Equipment Inspection

Look how Coral is used  for oil spill response data management in the video below


Our Company

Chaac Technologies develops geospatial data capture and management solutions to help organizations conducting field surveys reduce their data processing costs.

Our Mission

Chaac’s mission is to provide its customer the best geospatial user experience ever. We aim to make the geospatial domain available to all

Our History

In 2014, Chaac has taken over the activities of EPDS. Over a period of 15 years this environmental software company has provided solutions to support the decision process for oil spill responses.

Our Solutions

Our Main Achievements

  • Coral

    Mobile geospatial data collector

    Supplement the work of field personnel

    Fill the gap between data capture and analysis

    Enhance the user ability to produce high-quality maps and reports, at lower cost

  • Geospatial Analysis & GIS

    Geospatial data modeling

    GIS Technology Development

    Systems Reengineering

  • Emergency Response

    Data management and GIS services On & Off sites

    Incident Response

    Exercices & Drills


Oil Spill Response Data Management & GIS Services
Saskatchewan2016-2017The Husky pipeline incident
Nova Scotia2015The shipwrecked Arrow oil spill
Lac-Mégantic2013The MMA Rail’s incident
The Enbridge oil spill
New Zealand2011The Rena incident
Gulf of Mexico2010The BP Deepwater Horizon (MC-252)
San Francisco2007The Cosco Busan incident
Alberta2005The CN Lake Wabamun incident
Alaska2004The Selendang Ayu incident
Oregon1999The New Carissa incident
California1997The Kure/ Humbolt Bay oil spill

Our Clients and Partners


Meet our Managers

Guillaume Nepveu

Guillaume Nepveu


Guillaume Nepveu (B.Eng., M.Sc. A.) is an electrical engineer and he holds a master degree in Applied Mathematics from École Polytechique de Montréal. He acted as GIS Specialist and Shoreline Clean-up and Assessment Technique (SCAT) Data Manager during 5 oil spills. He is the head designer and the development manager of Coral.

He also happens to like sword fighting!

Alain Lamarche

Alain Lamarche

Technical Advisor

Alain is a recognized expert in oil spill response management systems. Alain Lamarche acted as a SCAT data manager and GIS specialist during more than 10 spills in North America and New Zealand, including the BP Deep Horizon oil spill response in the Gulf of Mexico (2010-2014)

He also happens to be a climber!


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Lamarche, A., D. Morris, E.H. Owens, S. Poole and J. Tarpley, “The Benefits of Computerized SCAT Data Management within an Incident Command System”, in Proceedings of the 21th Arctic and Marine Oils Spill Program (AMOP) Technical Seminar, Environment Canada, Ottawa ON, p. 157-166, 1998.

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